About RAY

Educational and clinical
pathology expert.

Ray is an experienced medical researcher and University Lecturer having taught Medicine, Bioscience and Social Science degrees. This culminated in significant contributions to key textbooks and the design of intercalated BMedSci, BSc and MSc degrees at the University of London (Faculty of Medicine) and Health and Social Sciences. Formerly Reader in Reproductive Physiology at Barts and The Royal London Hospital School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London and Professor and Associate Dean for Research in Health Sciences at Middlesex and Anglia Ruskin Universities. He was the founding Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Abu Dhabi University Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has supervised over 50 PhD and MD students in their Doctoral studies. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he joined the University of Cambridge as a visiting Professor, at the School of Veterinary Medicine, as part of the Humeral Immune Correlates for COVID-19, HICC, research consortia.

Experienced biotechnology
company founder and CSO.

A founding director of the MAP Sciences Group (MAP Diagnostics Ltd, MAP Sciences & MAP IP Holding Ltd), and co-founding the Psycho-physiology Charity – NISAD he established an IP portfolio of patents, utilizing proteomic and mass spectrometry techniques, as the foundation of biotechnology research tech transfer in cancer, hematology, prenatal diagnosis and fertility screening. Being well-versed in clinical science, chemistry and the application of mass spectrometry Ray was a key person in the development of the Blastocyst and Embryo Screening and Selection Tool (BESST test). With a focus on the commercialization of the fertility screening IP portfolio, he co-founded Mireya DX with Robert Brennan in 2022 to commercialize the BESST Test for better embryo selection.

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